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Do The Addition (No We're Not Talking Math)

By Randy Mate

An addition to any home is a gift that lasts for many years. A well-thought out and planned addition enhances any home, adds to the equity and gives you needed space, comfort and livability. 

Some of the many reasons for adding living space to your home are: 1) A growing family needs an additional bedroom or bathroom. 2) You're staring a business and need a home office. 3) Surprise your spouse with a new kitchen. 4) Or go and add a new gym or recreation room (some people are even adding basketball courts and in-door shooting ranges!)

In planning out your new addition project, keep in mind that the construction of this new found space is not only safe, but also meets all building codes, and is also estimated to fit your budget. 

There are two ways to go with an addition - horizontal additions and vertical additions. Having the space and required clearances on your property, a horizontal addition to your home will greatly increase its overall comfort level and usability.

A vertical addition is somewhat more tricky, but works well when you have limited space on your property to go outward. Usually these additions require new footings and foundations to support the new space. Having a small piece of land, you may be limited to adding an upstairs guestroom, bedroom or bathroom. 

Another option on a vertical addition is to go downward. Building a basement that could encompass anything from a bed/bath combination to a new recreation room or even something much more extensive - an in-home theatre, indoor putting green or whatever you might have in mind is always an option that can be looked at and estimated.

Should your budget not allow for an expensive addition, you may want to look at adding an enclosed porch or sunroom to your home. This works well as they are good all year round and require little in terms of extended air conditioning and heating (often a substantial increase in many addition projects).

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hank  you f or  a  job  well  done!  We  love  the renovated  kitchen. Friends  and  family  also  gave good  feedback.
 I  hope to contact you in a year or so because I have a few more projects in mind"   - WL

"We highly recommend New Castle Remodeling for any type of exterior or interior renovation and we will definitely use their services for future projects." - T&PF

"Great quality. I give it 5 stars. Never had better!" -  Leona

Randy The Handyman 

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Combine energy efficiency, value and low maintenance. New windows work better and smoother than aluminum or wooden ones.

We can put in new vinyl replacement windows throughout your house.

This will not only cut back on your utility bills, but improve the overall value of your home!

Good luck, Randy
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